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An Infinite movie recommandation engine

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What is suggestream ?

Don't know what to watch next? I know how you feel, and this is why I made Suggestream.
Suggestream is a movie and T.V. show recommendation app based on TMDB.
Start by entering a movie/show that you like, and we'll start suggesting similar stuff.
Use the emojis to rate the proposed movie/show. Try and be honest in your reviews! If you haven't seen a movie/show we're recommending, and it's not the vibe you're looking for, simply use the neutral face to ignore it.
Our tool will allow you to discover unknown and strange movies/shows, but has also a few limitations.
As it is based on TMDB, the results are biased by their dataset. A popular or mainstream movie/show will often get paired with other popular movies/shows even if they have no other similarities. It also has a tendency to get stuck into certain niches if you like to many movies from a similar genre.
Don't give up though! The more movies/shows you rate, the better the recommendations become. Use it long enough, and we'll guarantee you'll find something worth watching!